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Halloween Night-

October 31, 2007

costumeIts the night of ghosts and goblins, and trick or treaters gone mad and all thru the streets children are getting home with tired feet, and bags of goodies galore.

Roo and I left for a night of scares and treats at about 6:45 and got home about an hour later. Roo the mermaid dug into her candy and quickly surmised there were candies she would eat, so to the door she quickly went to hand out treats to the few revelers left outdoors.

Then in she came like a dash to sort and stack and see what she had amassed. Tired and happy we took pictures of one great haul. Roo is busy munching and filling freezer bags with chocolate galore.

candy haulHer haul

Gum and candy in one bowl, chocolate in another and chips are in the big bag to count and sort and nibble while we watch a movie till a child sleeps and mom can visit some blogs.

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  1. October 31, 2007 11:03 pm

    She looks SO old. And like she’s going to be hyper for the next week and a half.

  2. October 31, 2007 11:51 pm

    Oh, look at all those coffee crisps! I rationed ours – but we only had about 15 trick or treaters anyways tonight. So we have plenty of aero bars and coffee crisps left over – yahoo!

    We had one mom try a coffee crisp tonight and she just about died – thought it was divine. And I said, uh huh, yup.

    Daylight savings really affected how late we were able to go out. We didn’t feel like we had to rush out this year at 5:30 like previous years. So it was nice to sit down and have dinner first.

    The kids are sorting through their pile now. They looked great. Holy Son modified his candyman costume (because he came home with nothing on his jacket – not even duct tape) and went as Monsieur Funkadelic, with a zebra chenille short bathrobe on.

    PS – I also thought of the gingerbread man costume last week – I’ve also put it on my future costume list – it would be too much fun. And the perfect Cdn early winter costume idea if Halloween ends up chilly.

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