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The Eleveneth Day, The Eleventh Hour

November 11, 2007

I hope you all stopped today to express gratitude and thanks for all you have because of those who have served so we can be free.

Today is Veteran’s Day here in Canada. We stop and thank those who have gone before at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day. Many of us wear poppies in the days coming up to the day to remember the poppies that grow on Flanders Field.

Today I want to stop and tell the stories that I know from personal family research.  In every generation I have had family members who have served here in Canada and who are serving in the RAF as long as I can remember.

First there was my great grandfather. Charles Pollard who was a WW1 veteran. Not much is known about his service but that he did serve.

 Then there was my granddad Norman Pollard and his brothers. He was one of 3 brothers who went and served. One did not come home:Charlie is buried overseas. My granddad was captured at Dieppe and transferred to a POW in Poland. In the final days of the war, with the world closing in, these men had to march for 86 days across 600 miles toward Berlin. My grandfather brought home with him unspeakable memories.

My uncle Ron served as a diver with the Navy and did several peace keeping missions.

My cousins Ronny and Graham have both served Britain and there forces. Graham in currently in Iraq.

 I am thankful to each and every family member who hearts were big, who’s strenght was real, who’s courage was beyond measure. I am thankful for all we have as Canadians and know it is because of the valor of men and women just like my family members that I can even blog today. We owe huge debts of gratitude for each who have served.

As an action note, today if you are thankful for the service to this country of others, please support the vets in your community. Often they come home injured and get forgotten and let me put it this way, we don’t do enough at any level to offer the support or services so many need. Health care and home care right now are needed by so many vets who served so valiantly and funds are lacking, rehab care for our returning warriors is lacking as well in so many ways…so please add your voice to mine and write a letter saying that our VETS deserve the best treatment and access to funds we can possibly afford.

No tips today as I simply wanted to say THANK YOU to all vets who gave so much so I can type!

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  1. November 14, 2007 7:29 pm

    Our Minister (who is Canadian) did a candle lighting service at Sunday’s Remembrance/Veteran’s/Armistice Day service – anyone personally “touched” by military duty was invited to come up, light a candle, and give gratitude for that family or friend’s service or sacrifice. It was intended for mostly WWI and II but many, being here in the States, listed Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and other wars and their familial heroes.

    I woulda coulda shoulda gone up and lit a candle for my grandfather, who served in WWII, but the line was so long, I was afraid there wouldn’t be a spare candle if and when I got to the front. Lame excuse. The other minister lit a candle for all us who didn’t come forward.

    And then the Cdn minister read a letter aloud that her grandfather had written to his mom during WWI – 1918 – can you imagine? what a treaure – barely a dry eye in church this past Sunday. My daughter gave her poppy to this Minister, who was touched. You never see poppies in the States so most Americans wouldn’t even know what they are. I was grateful my MIL had mailed us 8 or 9 last week.

    I missed watching CBC, but my daughter and I went to the Memorial Garden at church and stole a moment of silence right at 11am.

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