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Battling the Cold

December 29, 2007

 Roo has been sick for a week now, and I really came down with it on my for us it has been a week of battling the common cold. Battle is the right word too, and so far the Cold is winning!

Here are our attack methods for getting rid of this pest, well it feels alot more then a mere pest. Roo and I have ate more chicken noodle soup this week then we had in the last 2 months, we are drinking lots of fluids: OJ, water, peppermint tea with honey, and gingerale or gatorade for Roo. We have also been getting lots of rest. How many times can you watch a dvd? Let me tell you-too many. But so far the cold is winning…anyone have a spare lung?

Well let me get back to the comfy couch, my pillow and blanket…Oh, and have I mentioned I am tired of being sick.

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