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Winter Time Arrives with a Bang

December 21, 2008

WinterWell today is officially the first day of winter. Winter is my least favorite season. But in my least favorite season you find my favorite day- December 25th…

Across Canada it is either cold or snowing today. Here we are to get a storm. Lots of snow is headed our way. Toronto is to get its 3rd dumping of snow in 5 days! That is what I call coming in with a bang!

Okay so what is good about winter?

  • sledding
  • sipping hot chocolate
  • the beauty of nature after a fresh snowfall
  • snow angels
  • snowmen
  • skating
  • skiing

Those are just a few things that I enjoy in this my least favorite season, they are what makes it bearable for me. What don’t I like? What makes it my least favorite?

  • slush and muck
  • freezing rain
  • ice storms
  • layering clothes
  • cold bedrooms
  • the flu that always seems to go around
  • blizzards
  • winter drivers
  • winter winds
  • shovelling

So for me it is a trade off, I will choose to concentrate on the good as long as I can. What about you?

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