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What Works for Me- No Resolutions

December 31, 2008

So many people this time of the year make resolutions and never keep them. I was numbered among them for a long time! No more!

Last January I did make 10 goals and made a map of how to get what I wanted and of the 10 goals I set I got 7 1/2 done.

What did I accomplish in 2008

  • a new job with good benefits
  • a new place to live with double the floor space
  • I did earn or win over $300 in free stuff
  • I read 8 good books
  • I started getting dental work done
  • I did enter lots of contests
  • I did pray every day

How is that for goal setting?  What didn’t I achieve? I didn’t give up diet coke and I didn’t lose the weight I wanted off. What goals am I setting of 09? Check back tomorrow and I will tell you about them.

Right now I am off to one of my favorite blogs to see what one of my fav writers says! Can we say yeah to the end of this year please!  What not visit Rocks in My Dryer with me this year?

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