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Who Knew?

February 24, 2009

This common sense mom is really hating the news lately. It is all about layoffs, the financial crisis, how to survive stories. It is driving me crazy! Just a year ago these some reports would be showing us how to spend more money, find the best vacations, etc. They definitely were not preparing us for the road ahead. But really who knew? History did! You see history has a way of repeating itself until we wake up and really learn from it. Our grandparents knew how to save and still have fun. Our grandparents knew to go without UNTIL you could afford it, they were not the credit card generation.

What are some of the lessons I learned from my grandparents that are helping me today.

  • Not wasting food…My one grandma always had leftover night once a week, something I am doing now too.
  • The change jar-both my grandma and mom had change jars, lose change got tossed in, this money was rolled but once a year and was used for a WANT, something fun.
  • Doing without until you can afford it.None of my grandparents owned a credit card. They simply paid cash. The only credit card I have is a debit mastercard that way the money comes straight out of the bank and NO interest fees.
  • Buying quality if even second hand..My one grandmother would take me to a consignment shop, it was through shopping here I learned how to spot a good find. Maybe that is why I love Value Village and the like today. Quality does last and it really doesn’t seem to go out of style.
  • Keep a wide network of friends and family and stay in touch. I don’t think my grandparents ever really hunted for jobs they knew people who knew people with jobs that needed filling. My one grandfather even went into business for himself in the 50’s as well as keeping his job. He bought fixer uppers or land north of Toronto and sold it piece buy piece. I was around to see the last piece sold when I was in university. His house was open, and inviting and he hand friends from every walk of life .

These are a few of the lessons this mom learned along the way from people who did live the depression and knew hard times. They were ingrained into me. I think if we look back instead of  looking all around us we might find some of the answers we need to meet the needs of these times. After all who knew? Our grandparents did, and they survived it and thrived.

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  1. February 24, 2009 7:38 pm

    Excellent post! Americans have forgotten our strong roots!


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