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Works for Me : Envelopes

February 26, 2009

Well our Work for Me Wednesday has a new home, hope our hostess has a big welcome mat!

What has been working well for me lately is using Envelopes, for budgeting purposes. Huh? How do I use them? Well I use a zero approach to budgeting. Every dollar has a spot where it is supposed to go. Now I am down to 2 ATM withdraws a month. When I take the cash out of the bank I have envies labelled and ready for the cash.

My envies are this for me

  • babysitting
  • groceries
  • taxis
  • fun
  • lunch/snacks

every other bill rent, cable, Internet and phone are paid via bank transfer, or check. When I take money out the bank it belongs to a certain envie, when the contents of that envie is gone well there is no spending till new money gets put in the envie at the next ATM withdrawal. Dave Ramsey first came up and taught the system and well for me it simply does work.  It is a great way to reign in spending and dont carry credit or debit cards out the door, just the cash.

Now I am off to read what is working for everyone else this week at our new home here.

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  1. March 4, 2009 6:42 pm

    We have been saving so much money by using the envelope system. It’s so much better to pay in cash!!


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