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What Works : Common Cents Shopping

March 4, 2009

Last week I missed participating in Works of Me Wednesday because I posted too late. So if you want see my post about using envelope budgetting  that is full of more ideas about common sense stuff go here.

This week I really wanted to stop and talk shop, shopping that is. For me shopping is slowly becoming an art form of looking for the best buys. For me it is about how can I save cents and still get quality when I do shop. I am also about not buying unless there is a need.  So how do I save cents while shopping?

First I shop around especially if it is a big picture item. I look at several stores and often comparison shop online. I then and look and see if I can find send item on ebay, Craiglist or Kijiji for less. Sometimes I get lucky and can even find what I really want on Freecycle. That is how I got my bread maker (fresh warm bread for FREE).

I also cut coupons and use them. Where do I find them? For me I have several sources that I keep organized in a folder in my bag. My sources : newspaper inserts,, and I belong to a forum where we can trade or pass along coupons. I really like Frugal Shopper for this.

I also shop flyers, it is great when I can spot a sale for an item that I already have a coupon for. Literally sometimes I get things for mere cents, and sometimes even for free.

For me these are my best ways to leave cents in my wallet. It is about creativity and planning but then that is what brings it to an art form. Now for those of you who like a giveaway I am hosting one.

Banangrams is a game that allows for lots of frugal family fun time and you can find the giveaway here.

Now I am off to our new hostess\’s blog to see what works for others this week.

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