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Fox Comedians Get It Wrong

March 24, 2009

Okay this common sense mom really doesnt ussually make political statements often but this is just WRONG!

First I must say this I personally know one of our Canadians who died in Afghanistan, maybe that is why yesterday as four more of our dead came home from this war on terror it really made me mad. As it did many other Canadians.

How many Canadians have now died in this fight on terror? 116 in Afghanistan.

Theses comedians basically mocked thier service, nice job there! Did you know Canadians basically take care of most things done in the south of Afghanistan an area hardly touched by US soldiers. Did you know the first 4 Canadians killed thier weren’t at the hands of terrorists but killed by US soldiers who didn’t know where to point thier guns.

I think before you can mock another country and thier military you need to look at the problems within your own. Perhaps these comedians should take thier acts to a local VA hospital, it might open thier eyes a bit. The US does a horrid job in how they treat past soldiers, and to me that is a shame( as the ex wife of one this is fact).

I think the show needs to go, and all of them thier that night, well let’s just say I hope none of them are crossing the border anytime soon.

Now this common sense mom will get back to what I love to do, just had to vent.

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