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What Works For Me: Earth Hour

March 25, 2009

earth20hour20logo Last year my daughter Roo and I thought it was a common sense idea to give a little back to the Earth and we participated in Earth Hour.

Did you know it is this Saturday march 28th?

Did you know it is a great way to teach your kids about looking after planet Earth while having great family time?

Did you know you can even save some cents?

Roo and I last year took on the challenge but not only did we do it for one hour but 4.

What did we do?

  • had a barbecue
  • played a board game by candlelight
  • and took a walk around our neighbourhood and counted 62 others houses that we participating

What can you do?

Turn off your power for one hour, and think of things you can do to help support planet Earth. We all live here you know! For us as a family this simply does work!

Why don’t you join us and sign up here.

Now I am off to We are that Family to see what is working for everyone else this week!

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  1. cookingupafamily permalink
    March 26, 2009 3:42 am

    that is cool you noticed others doing it too. awesome you did it for 4 hours. i think we are suppose to be pretty low in temps this year so I will have to see if we can do more than an hour in all things

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