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Preparing for the Wants of Tomorrow

March 31, 2009

There is this quote ” It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow”.  Today I have spent some time preparing for my wants of tomorrow. I have written about using a zero budgeting approach before but really I needed to take a second look at my budget, and especially some of my expense lines.

For me I can’t live without my high speed Internet, but after talking to my daughter Roo we decided that we could cut our cable package. Savings will be $60 a month, then I looked at my cell bill. I don’t have a home phone only this so had a long distance plan on it, but decided I will take it off because I can email, or skype most for far less so that is another $30 saved a month. Then I took a look at my latte habit well actually my diet coke at work habit, well I have given up my diet soda at work and that has netted me another $40 a month. So where will that $130 a month be going?

Well one of the things I want really badly is a trip, a real trip! My goal is to be able between combining Airmiles and cash I can travel to Morocco. I want to go visit this country that is European, Arab, African country. I have met a few friends there and I want to go and see them. I have been learning Arabic from a young woman who teaches English in Rabat. I also have friends in Taza, and Fez.

Other wants that are coming up include:

  • a new laptop with webcam
  • 2 new bikes
  • an IPOD touch
  • a new cell phone
  • the move back to Ontario which might not happen in August

So you can see there are lots of ways to spend the cash in other places, for now it will go into a separate account. Do you save for the wants of tomorrow, or do you put it on credit and then pay?

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