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GFCF Blogs : Going Gluten and Casein Free

April 2, 2009

Last night I was on twitter for the Autism Awareness Site Warming of Model Me kids, and the talk turned to gluten free and casein free. I experimented with this diet with my daughter Roo when she got her diagnosis. For some kids it works well, for others like Roo I have learnt moderation and the more I can go less processed the better. But last night I was asked about resources for a GFCF diet. By the way if you dont know what GFCF means : it means no wheat, no milk products. It means staying away from gluten and casein.

Now for me one of my best resources was talented parents who are living the GFCF experience. Here is a list of 5 bloggers that have great recipes and live either totally GFCF, or at least GF so differing reasons with Autism, being one.

Have a look at these:

1. Gluten Free Frugal, Tenille is both frugal and GF free, so that is why I love her.

2. Carrie and Ginger Lemon girl has some wonderful recipes.

3. Mary Frances and her Glutten Free Cooking School is a great resource for the beginner.

4. Rachel’s Recipe Box is full of wonderful GFCF ideas.

5. Now for a dad’s perspective try Thomas at the GFCF Experience.

That is just a primer of some of the great help that is out there for the parent thinking of going GFCF free. Remember this diet is about patience and trying new things.

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