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Corporate Restructuring can Leave Unprepared

April 25, 2009

Corporate restructuring can leave you unprepared. This week it left me shaking it my boots. I thought I was doing well, living within my means, sticking to a budget and doing my job rather well. I have spent the last 7 months working at a 3rd party call center as a help desk specialist for a very busy growing Internet service provider. This past Tuesday the entire team was told that our jobs at this location are gone as of June 1st as the company moves towards a two prong approach larger centralized call centers and getting some employees to take up the challenge of doing the job virtually.

Here is the kicker: if you decided you didn’t want to take up the challenge of going virtual, you were given an opportunity to train for another job for another client. The other job is processing insurance claims. Something I have no interest in.

My dilemma was this: scurry around and create a home office within 2 weeks as they hope to launch the virtual team May 15th, or decide to take a job doing something I have absolutely no interest in.

I chose to scurry. So I spent my day off yesterday moving furniture around, and searching online for the best computer deal as my computer is out of date( ie it is almost 4 years old). As well I have to get a land line again so I was making arrangements for that.

All of this has left this common cents mom feeling stressed and that I left myself unprepared for the worse case scenarios that are making there way into many homes globally. Now this isn’t worst case. I am not homeless again, I am not on welfare again, and I will get through this but it left we thinking about corporate restructuring and what it can mean in an instant.

What would you do if in a corporate restructuring you were asked to take a totally different job? to take a pay cut? lose vacation time? a cut in benefits? Are you prepared? I know I wasn’t. My emergency fund is not where it needed to be, my savings are more then limited, and even though I was living on a budget I wasn’t living it well enough to be prepared.

This weekend I am feeling that in this corporate shuffle I didn’t pay enough attention to the signs all around me, and there were signs. A change in the amount of vacation time for new hires. A capping of corporate matching to employee benefits. No new hires in the last 6 months. They were all signs and I gave them no heed nor care. My suggestion pay attention to the signs.

Now I won’t know until the end of next week if I am one of the new virtual team as you have to be selected, pass testing, and then get the offer but I am praying I am. In the meantime I am shopping my resume around. If anyone needs a tech savvy, award winning, hard working mom give me a shout.

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  1. April 27, 2009 1:55 am

    Sorry to hear about that but this post got me thinking. What if it happens to me too. My family depends on me, the house, car, dd’s school is on me. We have emergency fund but I doubt that it’s enough.

    Times are scary. All the best to you! I hope you find another job option soon!

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