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Life Lessons: Babysitting and Burger King

April 26, 2009

Me with my first haircut paid for by me.

Me with my first haircut paid for by me.

Today I continue the series I began last Sunday.

When I was a child, I thought like a child and well when I became a teen I dreamed of grander. There were lessons for this girl with dreams.

I was able to get my first job, babysitting for neighbours by the age 13. I thought it was great. I could earn money and then spend it on what I wanted. What did I learn?

  • Money is currency that gets you things. For me as a teen this was the first time I could buy things, pick out things and have a say, and this was all because I had the money to do so. One of the first things I did as a teen was go to a beauty salon and get a haircut. How I got in trouble for that one. The second thing money bought me was getting my ears pierced.

I used babysitting money to fund the wants of a teen with no thought really of saving unless there was a choir trip I wanted to go on and there was a few. Then as I entered high school it was time to get my first real job. Burger King was my first part time job. There were several lessons that this first job taught me.

  • When you have a job you have responsibilities. You have to show up on time, you have to do your job.
  • Customer Service is important. Really isn’t it all about how we treat each other.
  • Don’t show up and you will get fired. I didn’t look at a schedule properly and missed a shift. I was fired the next day.

My teen years saw me learning to handle money, saving and responsibility all at the same time. I wish back then there were the mentors and programs we have today to teach kids about money. I feel this is the most critical time in a person’s financial history and much of our financial history reverts back to how we treated money as a teen.

Next week it will be all about my Sorority Years and the Life Lessons of being an Alpha Phi.

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