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Works for Me Wednesday: Frugal Edition

May 6, 2009

wfmwbannerkristen1We were asked this week as participants in Work for Me Wednesday to share our most frugal tip, well besides menu planning which I shared last week, the one other thing that really helps me is couponing and savings codes. For me a cent saving mom this helps me to reduce my costs, so I can use that money for more important things like savings. Over the years I have learned much about the topic. My first ever post on the topic was a Work for Me Wednesday topic on my old blog 2 years ago and you can read that here.

1.Now I wanted to further with coupons, now to let you know as a Canadian cent saving mom I really go online and I  do use these 3 websites.

These sites all have forums and the sharing of information on coupons and discounts is tremendous.

2. I also find coupons at the grocery store. Here in Nova Scotia I find lots at my local Sobeys but it is the same at almost every grocer. You will find them on the shelves. You will find them often in calendars and other booklets that are handed out or avaialbe for you to take.

3. Go online for downloadable coupons and saving coldes. This is one of the reasons I visit Frugal Shopper. Now a word of warning many retailers are now refusing to accept these because there have been cases of fraudulent usage. As well if I am purchasing online I go looking for a discount code by doing a google search.

4.You can find them in your local newspaper. About every 4-6 weeks especially you will find a insert with some great coupons. Over the years this has often included an item you can try for free.

5. I subscribe to two Canadian magazines Glow and Canadian Living. These always come with great coupons in inserts or on the pages.  Often Canadian magazines are a great place to find savings.

These are my top 5 ways to get coupons here in Canada, how do you find the best coupons?

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