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Dreaming the Dream: Wanting to Win Big

May 20, 2009

To my few regular readers sorry I haven’t been blogging for the last week. My last week has seen me doubled over in physical pain, found out after a visit to the emergency room I have an ulcer. Can you say yuck! For me the pain left me doubled over for a number of days and had me wishing for my last breath at times. Who knew an ulcer could cause so much pain. Finally I got on some meds and now a week later and they are finally kicking in and I am in less pain. Thank Goodness.

Tonight I watched the finale of American Idol. Great show, and both young men I see having long music careers. They both dreamed big and that is so important to do. I too have been dreaming big lately for my little blog here. Now I know I don’t have many readers and am so very thankful for those of you who do come and read what I have to say about saving cents in ways that make sense. I want this blog to become more well read and a source of  practical help and inspiration for those of you who come and visit  as I share our story of making by and doing more in a tight economy.

Last month I participated in Problogger’s(Darren Rowe) 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. Have you noticed the improvements? I have, in little ways. Actually I have a timeline for posts now. I am interacting more with my readers and Twitter followers. I am involved in a few frugal and blog forums. I am learning slowly to be a better blogger.

Then while I was sick doubled over in pain something arrived in my inbox and it got me excited!  It was an email from Michael A. Stelzner.Who? One of the hosts of the upcoming Social Media Summit that is happening online starting May 26th and going into June,thats who the email was from. What did it say that made me smile? Well one of the gurus of blogging Chris Garret of was hosting a contest on his blog and it wasnt just any sort of contest but one well one that would help this frugal mom dream big for this little blog. You see I first saw the Summit announced awhile ago and while the price is decent, it simply is out of my reach. Well worth every penny but for me this month out of the budget. Simply for me it is not an investment I can afford right now but it is something that I know I need and need badly. You see this Summit is a chance to learn from the best when it comes to Social Media. It would give me a chance to really grow my little blog, and take it and run with it as some could say. You see in just over a month on Twitter I have over 700 followers while here I have alot fewer regular readers.

Why do I want to win badly?

  • First there is the site critique by Chris himself I know I could use that more then anything, and I would be putty in his hands.Can you imagine getting your site, your blog critiqued by him, that would be a beautiful thing and we could come up with a tangible action plan. I like action plans.
  • Second is an hour of Michael’s time. Can you think of the social media campaign that can come out of an hours work with one the best Media minds? I can. Do I concentrate on blog time, twitter time, LikedIn, facebook or how do I really make the most of these great tools so I can help more people save and recieve inspiration.
  • Both Darren and Michael have books out that I have yet to read. I want them! I want to read more. I know I already learn much from Darren on a regular basis and I want to know more.
  • Think of the learning this Mom could do at the Summit. I would be a sponge learning from  the talented men and women who are sharing what works and how they did it.

So how about it Chris and Michael? Please pick me and let this mom dream big!

* Edited after the announcement of  the winners, it wasn’t me who won but this Mom will continue to dream big for her little blog.

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