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Still Wanting to Win a Ticket to the Social Media Success Summit 09

May 25, 2009

Last week Chris Garrett hosted a contest on his blog where you could win a pair of tickets to the Social Marketing Event of the year-the Social Marketing Success Summit. Well the truth is I didn’t win. Charles of Wordful did and I am glad he did because he is offering up the second ticket to another blogger who can best answer the following questions in his eyes. So here is my try:

What’s your single greatest challenge with blogging?

I started Common Cents Mom a number of months ago, and right now it is a blimp in Bloggerville, as is my other blog Simply Hollie. That to be honest   is my biggest challenge. I can have the best content here about how to save money in ways that will leave you cents in your pocket book, and on my other blog write about the joys and failings of being a mother to a special needs child, but if this content that is original is not getting out to the masses then I am stuck in the mud. I want my voice, my content to be heard, don’t all bloggers feel the same way? My content needs to be read so it can help those who need it, or encourage some one who has gone through something similar. It needs to be linked to, tweeted, stumbled and the like, and all of that means needing to know how to be use Social Media. So in short to get my voice heard I need Social Media desperately.I know I need the Summit, but simply cant afford it at this time.

How will the Social Media Success Summit help you overcome this challenge?

When I hear the word summit I think of great minds coming together. That is what this Summit is! It is the gathering of the best of the best Social Media Minds online in a program that will leave those that get to attend well ahead of the game. It would leave me with an action plan. It would leave me with the knowledge that I crave and want so very much. It will help me understand the ins and out in ways that I really don’t know I am lacking. It would allow me to ask questions and grow and perhaps help someone else grow. I wouldn’t have to just be a passive participant either. I can take great notes and share ideas learned with my followers, here and on Twitter.Most importantly, it will leave me with concrete steps I can take and use even before the end of the Summit in June. Can you tell I think the Summit will help me in ways I can’t begin to count?

How do you envision your success online?

I like many other blogger envision blog success not only as numbers of page visits, and new visitors but as a community. I can envision an army of well prepared common cents moms who are prepared for any finical situation. I envision being able to share the teen years of parenting a child with Aspergers and the tips and tricks that go with it. I envision giving back in numerous ways to the Blogging community. I believe I can share more, learn more, grow more and that is success.For me really it is not about dollars earned at this point. It is about wanting to help and share our story.  I want that success and I know by attending the Summit I will be well on the road. So Charles how about it? Will you help this solo mom who in the last three years has gone from welfare mom to working IT tech and blogger get to the Summit, or will I be left in the mud?

* Edited to add this is my 200th post! Please come back tomorrow as I launch this blog into the next 100!

*I didnt win so am know loooking for free resources when it comes to social media, and will review the best of what I find here.

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