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Post 201

May 27, 2009

For you who are bloggers ever wondered if it is worth it? Have you ever wondered if your voice is heard in Bloggerville?

I bought the domain name common cents mom 4 months ago now, I took some of my older posts off my old blog Cheaper then Cheap and well as of yesterday I was at post 200.

But my problem is this I feel as if I am writing and well no one is really reading and staying around and I am trying to figure out why. I am trying to figure out what will it take to get readers that want to stay and engage in conversations. I am trying to learn what will it take to get my cool little blog to the next level.

I know there are other common sense, frugal, money saving blogs. I know that. Do they have my story though NO! My story, my take on things is unique. After all not too many bloggers can say they survived homelessness, fire, and bankruptcy and learned great lessons from each one. I may of been forced into frugality and learning how to save but I did it and I now do it with style.

So as of today I am doing a 90 day experiment. I am going to post each day.

Monday- you will get to see what is on the Menu for the week, these will come with recipes, videos or links.

Tuesday will be my Thrift day- wear I share about Frugal fashion

Wednesday- will be a TIP day as I post and participate in What Works for Me


Friday- will be a round up of  all things free I have found that week.

Saturday- I will be linking to Simple Saturday Reading, a list of my favorite posts of the week.

Sunday- will be rant and reply day as I take on a post by another blogger and give my reply.

We will see if readers come, if they are interested in what is here. I hope you are, and I hope you would consider adding me to your favorite reader. I know I can help you keep cents in your pocket book. I also know that I love comments so if you stop by leave one

Lets see is 90 days enough time to want to get my readership to over 100 people a day? We shall see. I will measure success in this project by how many comments I get or don’t get, and my feedburner count which right now is at less then 10.

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