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Works for Me: Using Social Media in Ways that Matter

May 27, 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENFor people that know me, they know I love all things media. The more social the better after all I am the social butterfly.

Now when it comes to using Social Media, I will admit I am just learning. After all if I was great at it, my little blog would have thousands of hits a day from people all looking for ways to save.

For me though using Social Media is not just about how to get your brand out there. It is not about how you can make more money, get more hits to your blog, etc, although those things are good and useful in their own right. For me Social Media is about connection and action.

I love the land that is blogs. Bloggerville as I like to call it has so many people that you could connect too and learn from but what I really love is when those connections are used for a greater good. I love when I stop by a blog and the writer not only has a story or a cool take on an issue but they are giving back to the great community. It makes my heart sing. That is what I want my blog to be.

How can you and I use Social Media on a daily basis in ways that matter?

For bloggers-

Write about things that matter! Help people, give them tools that will help them do better, be better, or simply smile. If you are blogging about charity events leave links so people can donate. One thing I love about Bloggerville people are generous not only with words but action.

For Facebookers

Visit with those on your list of friends, communicate regularly, build the the relationships you have. I know I smile every time I login and their is a message or wall post for me. These little things make my day. Share great links with your list, they will appreciate it.

For Twitters-

I have Twitter to be great for so many things. From sharing a link that will make someone smile to raising thousands of dollars in a hr for a charity. Be generous in your use of the 140 characters. Encourage other, use reply and RT often. Build up your followers, and encourage them. Follow back, it is polite. If you are particpating n an event use the hashtag for it.

For me these are the 3 that I use most. Now i know there is Stumbling, digging, and the like and these are a great way to share as well. My philosophy when using Social Media : Kindness and generosity are your keys to a happier, fruitful day and think you and I will of used our day in a way that will matter to someone else.

If you enjoyed this post, please do leave me a comment I would love to hear back from you. You can also always subscribe to my feed.

I am now off to read what is working for others!

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  1. May 27, 2009 11:38 am

    Great insight. I’m new to facebook and Twitter and figuring it all out. It makes a lot more sense to me when I look at it your way. I like connecting… truly connecting with other people.

    Twitter: beverlyspeaks

    I’ll figure out how to find you next. : )

  2. May 27, 2009 12:54 pm

    Great post. I used to spend time on one of those other networks you mentioned, but the environment was very negative. Now I’m in the blogging community, and it’s much more positive and encouraging. It’s more rewarding to find a helpful tip or a recipe than to “walk” into a nasty debate. The friendships in the blogging community are also more real and less dependent on what someone can DO for someone else.

    As a blogger, I try to share ideas, tips, links, and recipes that will help others. Our experiences are all different, and we all have something to share!

  3. hoosierhomemade permalink
    May 27, 2009 1:37 pm

    Great tips! Thanks!

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