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Simple Saturday Reads: Coming Home Edition

May 30, 2009

702575_21859408 It feels so good to type those words, coming home. I am coming home! I will be working from home as of Monday and I can’t wait to make this transition.

I think I will love being a work from home Mom. I will be fielding calls from across the United States on behalf of one of the major cable/internet providers. I am the person you turn to if you lose your connection. It is a pilot here north of the Border. Those of us selected to do were chosen because we are leaders in customer service. I felt excited when I got chosen!

This will also allow me to dedicate some time to my blogs and my life, and be here for my daughter too. Can you tell I am excited about this?

Now when it comes to reading this week, there were so many great informative posts. I have highlighted some of my favorite reads this weeek. So I hope you spend some time simply reading this weekend.

1. Talking about reading Being Frugal posted a great post on Summer Reading Programs. Each summer Roo has always done one of these, north of the border TD Bank and your local library often partner together to offer up great summer programming.

2.I loved Frugal for Life’s take on Making a Thrifty Investment in Yourself. The more we practice at something the better we get!

3.Gail wrote an incredible post of Forgiving Yourself. It is one of the most important things we can I can do. This is a constant battle for me because I tend to beat myself up over past mistakes.

4.I like to cook so I enjoyed The Simple Dollar’s: The Art of the Marinade. When you are buying cheaper cut of meat a good marinade is an essential thing, and it is so much better if you can do it for cents.

5.Million Dollar Journey did a cool post on the Scanning Code of Practice. I have been a scoper for years. Here is the story of one of my trips to Shopper’s when I scoped and got the product free.

6. On Wisebread there was a really good post about Things You Might Not Know About Your Local Thrift Store.I really do love my thrift stores, really who doesn’t?

What did you enjoy reading this week? You can always leave me a comment.

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