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Life Lessons: The Twenties

May 31, 2009

1176741_68006109When I last left off two weeks ago my university education was cut short a few months short of graduation, as I moved home, what a pivotal choice that was. I didn’t get my degree. The was the worse use of a $13,000 loan.

After coming back to Nova Scotia I had to get a job. My first job post university was as a nanny. Never thought I would go to university to become a nanny but I did. Over the next few years I moved from job to job and moved from city to city never really having a plan for my life. Basically I surfed through my twenties and thought nothing of it. During my twenties I had 14 different places I called home. I moved from Nova Scotia to Ottawa back to Nova Scotia to Toronto to Vancouver to Los Angeles back to Toronto and then back to Nova Scotia all within 10 years.

What did I learn through this time period?

1. Have open eyes and an open heart. For six months in Los Angeles I got to work with some of the cities poorest the homeless. It was a humbling experience that taught me the value of life in itself. I worked Venice Beach which at the time had a large tent city of homeless people. I was shocked to meet and befriend homeless families. For me this was what I came to think of as an American tradegedy. It was a time when I stretched and grew and I am glad that excperience is part of my makeup.

2. If you ask, sometimes the answer is Yes. Sometimes I think we are so used to the doors getting closed on us that we forget to ask and ask big. Sometimes I still have trouble with this but I know deep down ask and ask and walls do come down.

3. Faith is a key part of life. In my twenties I came to know God in a real way. Now things have changed somewhat as I am not sure about organized religion but I do have a deep faith in a very loving God.

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