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Host a Summer Party for Cheap

June 9, 2009

823919_26646622Summer parties are one of my favorite warm weather activity, but it is easy to go overboard and spend too much. There are some simple ways you can host a great party for less.

First, summertime is one of the few times that you can easily “get away” with hosting a potluck. Pull out the grill and make hotdogs, brats, or shish kabobs. Corn on the cob is a cheap side dish (usually a quarter an ear). Deviled eggs are another great low cost side dish. Ask everybody to bring one dish or desert to share and you will have a wonderful meal.

Decorations are also easy to find during the summer season, although some of them will take some preparation. After holiday sales are a good time to stock up on fun decorations. There are plenty of those holidays during the summer. Easter, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July will all have decorations that will go on sale after the actual holiday (I usually wait for the 90% off mark). One of my favorite things to use is the plastic (washable) colored cups and plates. You can get then in pink, yellow, green, and blue after Easter or Red, White and Blue after Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Sometimes you can find matching serving dishes. They are washable so you can reuse them and the bright plastic colors fit a summer party theme.

Flowers are all over the place in the summer! If you do not have any that you can cut then you can always use the whole planter!

If you are looking for a table cover then look no further than your local fabric store. Fabric stores always have a section where the fabrics are marked down to $1-$4 a yard. Often times this fabric was marked down after a season, but it continues to sit there until it sells so there are lots of pretty summer themed fabrics that you can use (you can even match it to the colored plates/cups that you choose). Just purchase 2-3 yards of it (or however much you need to cover your table) and you have a unique table covering.

Games for your party can be as simple as purchasing a deck of cards and playing poker, rummy, hearts, etc. If you and your friends are not “card” people then you can ask everybody to bring a fun board game and pick one out later. You could also play charades!

Having a party does not have to be expensive. It is all about getting together with friends and family to share in the warm weather. Happy summer!

Heidi writes for Little People Wealth, a money saving blog that teaches you to spend small in order to live large. She has many money saving ideas on her site!

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