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Works For Me: Frugal Family Ideas

June 10, 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENLast night on Twitter for a Twitter Party (#GNO), we talked all about family as this week’s Summer of Service focus is on the family. How can we enrich our family lives, serve one another, and build those things that bind us together as a family and do it frugally?

For me  it is not about money spent, it never has been, after all I am a single mom on a limited budget, but even when my daughter was little I wanted her to have that sense of family, that sense of team . So what do we do on a regular basis to keep those ties that bind.

  • Reading together: we have read together almost every day since she was a baby. Roo is now an avid reader and well we enjoy exploring novels together now, they have often been the starting point of many a great conversation.
  • Cooking together: meal time is family time. I have assigned Roo kitchen jobs as I cook, she can make the juice, make the salad, grate what needs grating as we talk about our day.
  • Board games: we have a closet full of games, we play the regularly together. This is pure fun time.
  • Walks: we have a tradition. We take a major fall walk each Thanksgiving exploring nature and saying what we are thankful for, we also take plain old walks together.
  • Movie Marathon Madness Nights: about once a month we have a sleepover in my bedroom. We watch movies till we fall asleep while munching on popcorn. This is our chill time.
  • Regular extended family contact. Now that we live close to family. We see grandma at least once every 2 weeks and make regular trips to the city to see my sister. When we lived far away there were emails, instant messages and lots of calls.
  • Scrap booking together. This way we are recording our memories together.

For us these little things work.

This week for the Summer of Service Project we made a play list of Roo’s favorite songs and had a dance off, as well we are collecting older pictures of my mother as her seventieth birthday is approaching and we are working on a special project. It little things that don’t cost much that help us be a tighter family unit.

What are some of the frugal things that work for you that help keep the family ties that bind?

Now I am off to We are That Family so see what works for you this week.

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  1. June 10, 2009 9:38 pm

    These are nice ideas. It doesn’t take money to build fun memories. Another fun idea is to check out a kids’ book on constellations from the library and spent an evening every few weeks just chilling out on the deck or in the back yard, lying back in sleeping bags, seeing what you can spot. Certain nights are prime for shooting stars, too, so it’s always fun.

  2. June 11, 2009 12:12 am

    These are the kinds of memories that will really be special to your daughter as she gets older. Time is so much more meaningful to a child than money spent, in the long run. We love reading time (we do that everyday too), going to the park, feeding the ducks at the lake, games, etc.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 🙂

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