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The Benefits of the Second Hand Store

June 30, 2009

939857_mallorca_044Yesterday after a morning of cleaning Roo and I headed out to do one of the things we love to do shop. How can we shop on a rather tight budget? We shop second hand.

Yesterday afternoon we headed off to our local thrift store were they were having a BOGO sale (buy one get one free). We spent $22. We got 2 summer dresses for Roo which she can wear to church or to one of the summer social events we are headed to. She also got a very cool pair of white pants and a white skirt, and two tops to match. I got a pair of cargo pants and a top. We both got a new pair of sandals as well. All items were in great shape, my pants even had tags attached(old navy).

Now these were good buys for needed items and we have learned to benefits of the second hand store. Have you?

We benefit first buy finding great name brands for a mere fraction of what we would pay retail. Why spend $50 for a child’s dress they only get to wear for a season. I never have. It is a waste of money.

Second Roo and I both love the element of the hunt, looking, digging through bins, examining for quality we find this fun. Roo has become brand and quality smart. All with only a few dollars in her wallet.

Third buy purchasing second hand first we are helping the environment, and saving ourselves some hard earned cash as well.

For us the second hand store is a win win proposition. Do you shop second hand? If so what are some of your best second hand buys?

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