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Works for Me Wednesday: School Lunches

September 9, 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENI dont know if you house is like mine, but school lunches can be a chore. Do you pack them the night before or that morning. What do you put in it? What do you have on hand?

For Roo and I we have tackled this in many ways over the years. Right now Roo comes home for lunch but as soon as the clubs start up she will stay a few days a week.

So what are our essentials to make this easy:

First we are an eco friendly house when it comes to lunch:

Roo has a food thermos. Highly recommend a good stainless steel one. Roo has had hers for years now.

Roo has two sandwich containters that have thier own ice packs

Roo also has a water bottle ( juices, and tetra packs are a no no for us)..

Roo’s lunch now gets packed by her in the morning if she needs one.

What do I keep on hand? soups, luncheon meat, cheese, crackers, salad fixings, and fruit. Whether she is at school or home the menu remains the same. With us this works. One day a week we do a treat which is normally pizza but a few times a year I do splurge and Roo gets McDonald’s or Taco Bell.

For us her packing means she will eat what she packs, can I say I live with a fussy kid.

What works at your house when it comes to lunches? I am off to read what is working for everyone over at We are that Family. That is after making a grilled cheese for lunch.

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