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Works for Me: Holiday Shopping

September 30, 2009

wfmwbannerKRISTENHere is my house we have just finished the first of two Muslim celebrations..The first Eid follows our month of fasting and the second one in in Novemeber. Like any holiday and we have enough of them coming up (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hannukah etc.) we all have to shop. Now me being the frugal mom I am I often shop online. I have found some great deals by doing some comparison shopping online.

Now I wanted to introduce you to a site that I use. offers alot of great help when trying to find a great deal. Basically u can find great coupons you can use, online discounts and some pretty good offers. I love the free offers on there too! You might want to consider it if you are going to shop online this holiday season. I know I will be and that is what is working here in this house this week. Now I am off to We are That Family to see what is working in your house.

*note: I have been paid by to write about them. All statements made though are my own review and not bought. As I said before on this blog if I receive payment or product from a company you all would know about it.

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