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Snapshot Saturday: My Favorite Reads this Week

October 18, 2009

Starting today, each Saturday I will write about some of my favorite blog posts around the blogosphere. There are so many good posts out there but a few each week always stand out in your mind. Some weeks I may even introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers.I will also recap me week.

This week here on the home front it was a busy week with my daughter Roo away at Tim Horton’s Camp for part of the week then what did she bring home with her but a yeast infection. So I have been filling her with 2 old fashion remedies yogurt and cranberry  juice. I also made the choice that this 40 something mom is going to be a fit frugal fabulous mom.

So what caught my eye and attention as I read this week:

1. Over at Wisebread read a really good article on 7 Cheap and Natural Ways to Fight the Cold and Flu. With all the talk about this being a harsh cold and flu season I found this a very timely read.

2.Once again over at Where does all My Money Go Preet talks money and kids..This week It is all about Planet Orange. It seems ING has launched a new website Planet Orange as a tool to teach kids like my Roo about money. I told Roo and well she checked out the site. First the game is set up like many kid game sites online. You have two guides Cedric and Amy who help teach you and you get to explore for areas where you do learn about money. Roo gave the site a 3.5/5..She thought things were a little easy. But then she is 11. So age wise she is at the older end of their target spectrum.

3.Over at Get Rich Slowly there is a cool post about Accumulation and Attachment: Finding a Balance. Having been somone who has lost everything she owned more then once I have learned the lesson things are things-they come they go, they have usefulness but really what do we need. In our apartment now there are functional things and a few things well we love..I believe in everything we can find balance.

4.Okay I think everyone who knows me knows I am a huge Gail Vazoxlade fan. This week one of her posts Its Only hit close to home. Sometimes it really is too easy to justify with a its only and where does that get me, where does that get you.

Now one of my favorite blogs is turning 2 this week why not stop by and wish We are that Family a happy anniversay! she offers up a great Works for Me Wednesday carnival and I am loving her Do It Yourself Projects.

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  1. October 19, 2009 12:26 am

    Thanks for the link and the input from Roo! Cheers.

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