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We are THAT family

October 22, 2009

THAT family, we even clim rocksMy friends over at We are THAT Family are celebrating there second blog anniversary and asked that we share why we are THAT family.

In our Family it is just me and my daughter Roo, it has been that day since she was 2 days old.

We are THAT family because:

-who else was in a Canadian emergency room on 9 11 because her young daughter swallowed a toonie that made it’s way into her lung pipe- can you say 7 hours of cardiac care? can you say surgery? THAT is us.

-what other family do you know gets rescued by firefighters in the middle of the night as there apartment complex burns to the ground. Can you say starting over from just your undies?? THAT is us. Had to admire the firefighters though.

-what other family do you know where the daughter likes to strip and walk around naked cause she dont like the feel of her clothes. THAT is us.

-what other daughter likes to insert items into parts of her body? can you say beads up the nose, and a screw where no screw should ever be? can you say we know the emergency room? THAT is us.

-what other family deals with learning disabilities, allergies and sensitivities every day. T HAT is us.

For all those reasons and so many more we are THAT family and glad to be part of the We are THAT family bloggershpere.

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  1. October 23, 2009 2:14 am

    Love it!
    Thanks for celebrating with me!

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