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Fit and Frugal Friday- My First Update

October 23, 2009

frugal fridayWell week one on my way to becoming a frugal fit and fabulous 45 yr old is done..How did I do? In some ways I sucked, really I didnt exersice near enough. In some ways I did great:


  • Signed up to Bust a Move ( Nova Scotia needs more digital breast diagognstic equipment and we are raising 1 million dollars to help increase the capacity of our local services by 75%. Every second day a woman dies here from cancer. That is a scary stat. I want to be part of the solution so I am busting a move. I will be exerscing for 6 hours on January 30th all for the cause. If you can help out even with a small donation you can go to my donation page here.
  • I drank alot more water this week.
  • I did eat alot of raw veggies, and fruit.
  • I drank less soda
  • I joined a gym. Today I became a member at Nubody’s and have a meeting there next week with a trainer.

Now for some real good news.. I lost 4 pounds this week so I am happy about that.

By the way on the frugal side of things I got a great rate at the gym. How I made use of a corporate rate. At $20.34 it definitely made this a more affordable option.

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