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How to Find Great Conversations and Who to Follow on Twitter

October 27, 2009

I am starting something new here at Common Cents Mom. You see every day I work as an Internet Support techy type for a big name well known Internet Service Provider. When they have trouble or questions I am the person to call.

So I have decided that once a week here at Common Cents Mom I will host a tech talk. I will be talking about different internet and Social Media related topics. I practically live on the online world 24 hours a day. I am a connected woman! I will be giving you my take. Now in some of my previous posts on Works for Me Wednesday I did tackle some basic computer maintenance and some of the basics of Social Media. I will be continuing on that path.

Just last week I wrote about The Basics of Twitter. This week I wanted to talk about how I found some great conversations on Twitter and I wanted to highlight and encourage you to follow some of my favorite people. They are my personal rock stars!

First how did I find great conversations?

1. When I first started out I followed the trending topics a lot but really these days if I want to know say who is talking about my interest of the day I do a simple search. For example some of my searches have included the words: aspergers, frugal, social media, Halifax and so on.

Did you know you can search by any keyword or geographic location?

2.Back in July @Mashable first tweeted about 10 Ways to Find People, I used some of these to find some more like minded people having conversations about things that interest me.

3.I used #FollowFriday to check to see who was recommending people and then I checked out there feed and if they were a match for me I followed.

Now who did I follow? and why do I follow them?

Here are my favorite people on Twitter-

1. @CarissaRogers– Really I love Carissa, she is a mom that is good and crazy.Like me she has a  daughter that is in the tween years. She is also a great caring giving community member both in real life and on twitter. She was a founder of Mom it Forward and #GNO. Over the months I have been blessed to call her a friend. She even created my header for this site.

2.@unmarketing- Scott, is the unofficial bouncer of twitter and besides jut being a great guy and the maker of some dang funny and true YouTube viral videos he encourages us to do good and to engage and be better. Scott knows this, but I am putting this story out there- One night a few months back I was feeling very discouraged, lets just say I was at the end of my rope. Well I came across one of Scott’s videos about doing good. Well that video in the moment was what this mom needed.

3.@herbadmother-Now Catherine I have known and followed long before my days on Twitter. I used to have another blog when I lived in Toronto (Cheaper then Cheap). She is a wonderful blogger, a real mom who through her blog shares her life in ways that will make you laugh, cry and encourage you to do better…and guess what she doesn’t even follow me back but I still follow because of what I learn.

4.@sharonhayes-is simply a goddess, kind, encouraging and well most of us who follow her are blessed by her presence on our lists.

Now there are more on my personal rockstar list but maybe next week I will share about Lists and how I came up with mine.

If you have any tech or net issues you would like me to tackle in the weeks ahead please do leave me a comment or question.

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  1. October 27, 2009 9:24 pm

    Whohoo.. love this.. I agree about @herbadmother and @sharonhayes.. I’m pleased to ‘know’ them too! Haven’t dared chat up @unmarketing.. but maybe today I’ll see.. 🙂

    Thanks Holly!!

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