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How to Have a Debt Free Frugal Christmas

December 14, 2009

When I think of Christmas these days I am drawn to the thoughts of overspending. When was the last time you spent only cash for Christmas. For most of us going into debt for Christmas is habit. I can here the burn of the credit card as they are  over used at the cash machine. Well for me I said no thanks to the commercial  Christmas and decided long ago my holidays would be debt free.

I have always loved the forums at Frugal and back in January many of the women wrote about having a free Christmas or a partially free one.

For me this Christmas I will let you know I have 6 people to shop for including one preteen daughter and well I spent less then $250.00 cash and well the rest of it comes thanks to Shopper Optimum Points and Airmiles.

What did I do? and What did I get?

Well lets see for me I received $100 from the Ex and $150 from my mom for Christmas/Birthday for me and Roo (both our birthdays are within a week of Christmas). That was the cash I used.

Other wise at the beginning of the year I started collecting points…by the November I was able to cash in my points for gifts and gift cards that well got turned into presents.. I was able to redeem points at shoppers for $200 in goods. I was also able to get a $50 Sobeys card, $50 Chapters card and $40 in Lawtons gift cards.

How far was I able to stretch that total of $540?

For Roo and Me- a Wii and Wii Fit($155.25)- cashed in Shoppers Points and Fit on sale

For Roo:

  • Sonic Game for the Wii( $19.99) on sale
  • electric Keyboard($30.00) on sale
  • pjamas, robe and slipper($33.00)
  • 3 card games($9.99) on sale
  • craft set($9.99) on sale
  • Build a Bear dog($30) used $8 off coupon
  • 2 lip balms($5)
  • socks($3)
  • book($15)

These gifts are from me, her dad and grandmother.

For my mom:

a snugglie ($20), purse ($25), chocolates($7) and socks($3)

For my sister

lets just say some great stuff, she reads my blog. 😀

For my 2 nieces:

a bathrobe each($15), a lip gloss each($5)

For my BIL:

a adult game..($15)

This equates to about $480 and I was able to give Roo $50 to go shopping for me. So the total is $530.

For me it was important to do it debt free. It will simply make the day more enjoyable. Are you going into debt this Christmas or did you budget?

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  1. December 25, 2009 4:50 pm

    Hi Hollie, I agree with what you wrote here. My family is also keeping a tight budget on Christmas and careful not to overspend. It’s my daughter’s birthday on the 23rd so there’s a lot to consider when December comes. 🙂

    BTW, I was trying to find an article of yours I’ve read before – about links for OS was reinstalled and I lost the links for Pristine. But I could not find your blog’s search function…can you help me retrieve that post of yours? the URL has the word “learn” on it and you said Roo uses it a lot. Thanks, Hollie!

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