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Challenging Myself and Figuring It Out

January 4, 2010

Have you ever really wondered about your relationship with God? Does your relationship with God make sense to you? For me for many many years I have struggled in my relationship to God.

I have never doubted that there is a higher power. I have never not believed in God. Just to be honest I have never felt connected to God. There is a disconnect.

Since I was a teen ager I have explored and journeyed in many denominations and faiths.

As  a teen I met the Evangelical God and Jesus Christ as a young teen. I was an active in the youth group sang in the choir and even did misson work.

Then as a young adult I embraced Mormonism. I was Mormon for many years. I even went to the temple.

Then ten years ago I began again to question faith and those questions had me in and out of christian, mormon circles and even exploring Islam.

So where am I at? What am I doing about it?

Well I am challenging myself? Why? Because I have a tween daughter who is not even sure if God exists. She does not know.Why not? Because I have not taught her. That alone does not make sense to me. So I started this year challenging myself to finally figure out this relationship I have with God.

What am I doing?  I started January 1 and over the first 90 days of this year I am:

1. Reading the bible all the way through. I am participating in the challenge as part of a group of women who are doing it together through Mom’s Toolbox.

2. Reading the Quran all the way through.

3. Reading the Book of Mormon all the way through.

All of them in 90 days..Yes that is a lot of reading! It amounts to 90 minutes a day. But it is about time this common sense mom gets her house in order with God. I want to feel that connection. I truly want to KNOW God. I want  a very intimate relationship with him. I want something I can pass on to my daughter.

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