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Decorating a Home Office Frugally

January 5, 2010

Since I started working from home I really haven’t had a home office. I have worked from the kitchen table pulled into my bedroom. Well this week this frugal mom found a computer desk down by the dumpsters. I have basically created my home office for FREE. How I waited and watched because in today’s world too many people throw away items that can be used that are in good shape.

Now let me reveal to you my new home office! Now remember this office was put together at NO cost to me.

This will now be my work space. I am sitting here in my blue chair( dumpster dive find), watching tv( freebie from a friend), and blogging on my cute little Dell computer that sits on my nice new desk ( another dumpster find). Every night when I work and take calls this is where I will be. I am so glad to be able to tackle this project this week. What are you tackling this week?

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  1. January 9, 2010 5:19 am

    Nice job. And all for free!

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