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Frugal Ways For Canadians to Give to Haiti

January 23, 2010

Tonight is the telethon hosted by CTV,CBC and Global here in Canada. So it got me thinking I have already given both to the Red Cross and World Vision and I wanted to do more but I am a mom on a budget. So how could I give a little bit more?

Well today I was at Zellers and they asked if Iwanted to donate my points and since it was a way to give that would not effect my pocket book it was a big YES for me. It got me thinking how else can I possibly use points I have accumulated for Haiti

Both Air Miles and Shoppers Drug Mart have partnered with charities to help support in the Haitian relief efforts.So if you are like me, a little low on cash there are ways that you can give.Shoppers has partnered with Yele. I watched Yele on Oprah this week talk about what he saw on the ground and what they are doing, as well many Haitians I know really have seen Yele do some amazing things with his NGO.  I think it is a good way to make use of your points.  Air Miles has teamed with the Red Cross, an organization known for its emergency response. They have already on the ground the largest contingent on aid workers flown in to help.I sometimes you need to think a little outside the norm.

Now I am about to watch Canada for Haiti and the American telethon. If you can dig deep and give more I encourage you to do so.

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