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What a Successful Weekend!

February 1, 2010

This weekend it was finally Bustamove time here in Halifax and what a weekend! What a success! For Me the weekend started on Friday as I volunteered for the set up. I got there Friday morning at 8 am and found I was one of only 3 volunteers who made it through the snow and wind. We got working on setting up tables, and by noon there were about 15 of us work placing the 800 registration bags, getting the signs in place, lines were created and then there were 800 towels to fold.

Here is a shot I got of the bags that each participant was to get. It was there swag bag. For us volunteers we got some left over swag.

One of the last tasks I worked on was the folding on the towels on Friday night. There was some 800 to fold! and here is what you were welcomed to when everyone was arriving Saturday morning.

Think each of those towels represents someone who raised $1,000 or more simply to be there to sweat for 6 hours of exersice!

On Saturday I was again volunteering but this time I was back stage as part of the production crew. I acted as one of the Production Assistants for the day. What does a production assistant do? I wrangled the talent and made sure they were ready to go on stage for their time cues.

Being backstage I  met all of the talented people who took to the stage. I had great conversations with Maria, Neville, Bill and the bands. I learned all kinds of fitness tips from the instructors who lead all day long. I was able to watch all the action from a great location.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when the crowd set 2 world records. One for the most people holding a 10  second hug and the longest massage chain. It was awesome!

My final highlight of the day was when Richard Simmons, the zany wonderful fitness guru hit the backstage area before he went on stage. I was able to meet him and even got a hug and a kiss. My purple volunteer shirt now wears his signature.

For me it was wonderful to be part of this great event that raised over 1 million dollars for a new state of the art mammography machine. I am thankful for the chance to give back in the community just a little and am thankful for all those from the #halifaxchicks who worked hard to reach their goal of over $10,000. Those gals made it look easy. Maybe next time I will do much better at fundrasing.

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