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Back to School on a Budget

August 31, 2010

Don’t you love all the expenses of sending a child back to school? I was able to do it this year for $100. My daughter is a preteen and well has a sense of what she wants now so with that said most of these were picked by her but on a budget.

How did I manage to get all of this for a mere $100 bill. Well actually I got all of these plus a messenger bag and a pair of brand new converse sneakers for her. How?

  1. First I looked at last year’s school wardrobe and thought what can I use for this fall. Rachel only had 3 items that were in good enough shape to be a part of her fall line up.
  2. I hit 50% off sales at both the Salvation Army thrift store and Value Village. It was there I found brand new converse sneakers in her size for $10.I also found a messenger bad in like new shape for $3.
  3. Old Navy had some great pricing as well over the summer so hit there sales racks. Rachel likes Old Navy.
  4. Gap another favorite store of ours had some incredible sales back in July and I got her brand new jeans for $7 a pair.

By combining last years, some great thrift store finds, and some great sale bins Rachel is a styling tween. Now when it came to supplies I simply hit Dollorama and got the essentials. She is a girl ready for next week and grade 7.

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