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200 Wellesley Fire: A Wish List from Residents

September 27, 2010

As I volunteered this weekend at the Wellesley Community Center residents asked for things we did not have so what I am doing is compiling a wish list. These are things that have not made it to the main list.

I also want to again thank Public Mobile who are allowing residents to charge their cell phones at the Wellesley location.

I also want to thank the wheelchair and scooter companies who are making sure there is a way for those who are disabled to charge their devices as well.

So here are Some wishes:

  • PILLOWS- these must be NEW  because of the potential for bedbugs. NEW only please.
  • 4X and 5X men and women’s warmer clothing
  • activities for older children ( several toys geared at younger children did come in, but there are several children in the 9-13 age range who need things to do in the evenings too. Anyone want to donate a gaming system or two? or 3? or board games?
  • bigger plus size bras DD and bigger
  • for Muslim women : long skirts, and abayas, head scarfs
  • towels
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