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An Invite: Wellesley Fire Fundraiser

September 29, 2010

Himy Syed (yes that one, the one who is one of the darkhorse canidates for mayor of Toronto), I and a few other great volunteers are organizing a fundraiser for the residents of 200 Wellesley. We invite you to come and hear the stories of residents of 200 Wellesley this Thursday Septemeber 30th at 519 Church Street at 7 pm.

There is an urgent need to help the 1,700 plus now homeless people. Specifically in understanding the reality of affected residents by listening to them speak directly what has not been reported.

We have a Facebook Event Page here. We would love to know if you are coming. Please do come and bring a gift card or two. The best gift cards are those for food, homewares, and soon there will be a need for furniture ones as well. If you are bringing a check that is okay too. NO actual funds will be collected in the auditorium. We are now asking that you leave the gift cards/checks with the staff at The 519. Why? Because the city does have a good plan is place for making sure ALL affected tenants are looked after. This was important. As well by donating through the city you can recive a tax reciept. So the eveing is one about The Stories of 200 Wellesley as well as a chance for you to donate gift cards. In my opinion the best ones are grocery as every tenant will have to replace the cotents of there fridges but all are welcome.

As of today there is no longer the need for gently used clothing.I saw the rooms at 519 Church St and they are litterally overflowing with donations.  Thanks to all who did give so generously.

Personally I hope to meet many of you on Thursday. Please share this post with your friends and family that live in Toronto.

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