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Frugal Finds on the Danforth

March 19, 2011

Yesterday with the beautiful weather that hit Toronto I thought what a great chance to explore the Danforth.

I was absolutely delighted by the frugal finds on my walk .

First was discovering that Leonidas ( you know that little chocolate shop on Queen) has a new location with one of the best spots on the Danforth ( right near Chester station).

One of the great things about this location. Not only do they sell great chocolate they have coffee, tea, gelato and the yummiest waffles at a reasonable price.

I had to try as well I love waffles.  I had my covered with strawberry composte and chocolate sauce( they make the sauce by literally melting chocolate – no syrup for these guys). I also tried one of the yummy chocolates and a great cup of tea. Lets just say when I am on the Danforth this is a place where I will hang.When April comes around I will be giving away one of their boxes of chocolates, so you will want to keep an eye out here for that giveway the first week of April.

After some waffles I needed to do some walking so headed East along the Danforth.

Next stop Valley Farm Produce- one of my favorite fruit and veggie places in the area.

I absolutely love this market. I spent only $11.24 and came home with fresh clementines, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, baby carrots, brocolli and peppermint.

Yes there are alot of competitors along the Danforth but this is one of my favorite markets.

My next find I loved well because I love books. Anyone who knows me I am an avid reader.

I stumbled upon Re:Reading. When I lived in the neighborhood this place was yet to open so it was a great discovery. With them you can reread, review, or replay as the buy sell and trade books, dvds, and cds.

they have over 20,000 titles so something for everyone and I fell in love with there sitting area. I think I could definitely curl up and have a good read.

After visiting these I continued my walk east on the Danforth finally catching the subway at Coxwell.

By the way I love that east of Donlands there are many great halal places to stop and eat and most are very reasonably priced.  If you want to explore a new part of the city I highly recommend this part of town and you can definitely find some frugal great finds.

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