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31 Days and 31 Ways to Save: Group Buying

May 12, 2011

Want a spa day? or how about a nice meal out? Or even a round of paint ball? and all at a great price? Did you know you could have them all.

Group buying is a fairly new online phenomenon that is saving many money. There are now so many group buying sites for Canadians it is hard to keep track of them all.

What is group buying and how do you save? Group buying is when a group or collective of people all buy the exact same product, or service at one price point. By buying as a group you get the savings. By last August there were over 500 group buying sites world wide, and would you be surpised to know there are more then 20 locally. So how do we find the best deals in the least amount of time without having to get a pile of emails in our mailbox?

Well when I first started looking for savings using Group buying last year I signed up for a few sites and got their emails and then during Social Media Week back in February I went to an event hosted by ING that was all about Group buying. One of the major points I walked away with that day was that I don’t need to fill my inbox with these offers on a daily basis. Why not? I get only 2. One for business deals (for me this means Social Media) and the other is from an aggregated list( a site that gathers all the deals and drops them in my inbox) The site I get the emails from is Deal Page. This works very well here in Toronto, and guess what they aggregate the sites of every major Canadian and US city so you can find savings near your house too all with just one email coming into your inbox. Cool right?

I love this way of saving money just make sure you are spending money on things you have already budgeted for and not stretching that budget.

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  1. May 16, 2011 12:27 am

    I keep an eye on the deals that float around. I just have to remember, it’s only a deal if I was going to buy it anyway. Or something I would like to buy, but not at the regular prices.

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