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Eid Mubarak!

August 30, 2011
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In many places around the globe the moon was spottted yesterday making today Eid. There are strong hadiths that support a global moon sighting so I go with that. Now for many Muslims here in Toronto Eid will be tomorrow because there was no moon sighted in the GTA.

I want to wish each of my Muslim readers a very blessed Eid Mubarak. Happy Eid! May Allah keep us all steadfast and accept our niyyah, saum & ibadah this Ramadan.

How are you celebrating your Eid?

For us my daughter and I will be at the Convention Center here in Toronto with thousands of other Muslims, praying together, we will then attend the Eid Festival there and then come home for a small Eid feast that I have prepared. For those of you celebrating, may it be a time of family, friends and good tidings.


Menu Monday- My Eid Menu

August 29, 2011

It is that time of year Ramadan is coming to an end, and Eid is quickly approaching. Really here in our house the month of August has flown by. Hard to believe Ramadan is almost done and school will be back in just a week.

Now what do you make for Eid in your house if you celebrate it?

Eid for Muslims is a time for sweets and good cooking. So what am I cooking? Well since  I am still a fairly new Muslim and it is just my daughter and I celebrating together here in the GTA, we are going to keep it sweet and simple, and then there will be lots of leftovers for the week.

Monday-breaking the last day of fasting. So for our final iftar meal we are having a shrimp noodle dish that my man taught me.


I am going to be making

Butter Chicken-I found a great video for this one.

Tomato and Roasted Pepper Salad

Curried Rice and Lentils


and for the Sweets..

Strawberry Trifle



Thursday- leftovers

Friday- Taco Squash Skillet

Saturday-Breakfast for dinner- Eggs, Toast, Chicken Bacon, sliced tomato

Sunday- Roast Chicken Dinner

As always if you are interested in seeing what others have on thier menus this week you should check out Organizing Junkie’s Menu Monday.

I am a Kinder Mom and I Have Some News For You!

August 29, 2011

I was very happy this week when I got chosen to be a #KinderMoM. You see we have loved Kinder Eggs in this house for a very long time.

You see Kinder Eggs got me through potty training, stocking stuffing, many an egg hunt, and treat time since my daughter was a little girl. We both love Kinder eggs. Kinder eggs are a frugal treat when you are looking to put a smile on your child’s face. I know many a time that has been the reaction from my girl.

Kinder Eggs are perfection, it’s two treats in one! (and NUT FREE). It being nut free is a very good thing. I have many a friend with children with nut allergies so am glad I don’t have to worry if giving Kinder eggs as a gift.

First, there is the yummy Kinder chocolate outer shell, then a toy to put together. My daughter only wishes the shell was a bit thicker so she could have more of that yummy chocolate.  We have often sat at the table for an hour putting together the toys. The harder it is, the happier she is, she thinks of them like a puzzle and well she loves the assembly part.

There is other news to share as well:  Kinder Canada is now on Facebook, and in celebration of their re-launch, they’re giving away 5000 Free Kinder Egg Coupons.  Now, they haven’t started giving them away yet, but do mark it on your calendar for August 29th.  Keep an eye on the  facebook account, cause they’re going to go really fast after all who doesn’t love Kinder Eggs?

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

A Blissful Staycation in Toronto

August 24, 2011

This summer has flown by for me. I have had several visitors and even got married this summer. With all this I didn’t get away but that is quite okay with me. You see I love my city, the city of my birth, the city of Toronto and the home of Blissdom Canada. So I stayed home.

I got to stay in my city this summer and be the hostess with mostess. What an adventure that was.

First my best girlfriend came from Nova Scotia..Gloria and I had a blast exploring the city. It was great to hang with her and visit and show her my city. We hit the Scarborough Bluffs visiting the Hilltop Park..nothing like this view.We joked around seeing who could get closest to the edge. I won.

Yes this kind of beauty exists right here in Toronto.

We also hit the beaches..Did you know Toronto has many beaches that you can choose from? We choose the Rouge Valley beach..did you know that beach has a back area that is perfect for canoeing and fishing? We loved exploring the conservation area of this park.

We also hit up Yonge Street for dinner, and some shopping. If you haven’t shopped and ate on Yonge Street what are you waiting for? Later that night we attended a show that was going on at the University of Toronto. I love visiting this campus. I love the old buildings, and I love the energy you feel when you are on a campus.

A couple of weeks later it was time for my honeymoon and for the adventure of married life to begin, and since my man is from out of town..we choose to stay in town..right on Queen St in the heart of downtown. We stayed at the Sheraton downtown. We took advantage of the Club Level extras and absolutely loved our stay.One of our favorite things in the hotel was the lounge on the top floor. We loved the view, we could see much of the downtown from the lounge and the free breakfast and appetizers in the evening were a wonderful treat. We also ate brunch in the hotel and was it ever yummy, a blissful treat. Hard to believe but in just one month I will be hanging out here again with a bunch of socially connected Canadian women. This is not the hotel for Blissdom Canada but it is near by.


My man and I explored downtown, shopped at Eaton Center where I happened to meet the men who are blogging at 500 Extra Hours. You can read what I said to them here.If you want to see what I bought clothing wise find me at Blissdom Canada. I found some great sales in The Bay. Any idea how many years The Bay has been a shopping destination downtown? Founded in 1670 by King Charles II, the Hudson’s Bay Company played a vital role in building Canada as a nation. One of the first places it set up shop was here in Ontario. So The Bay has been in Canada just a wee bit longer then my family who settled here before Toronto was a city.

We also hit China Town. If you are coming in from overseas and have currency that needs exchanging the place you want to go to is right at Dundas and Spadina beside the bank. There is lots to see on Spadina, trust me you can get lost in the crowds here.  As we walked from the hotel to China Town and back again we got to admire the CN Tower from another angle. Look way up folks and you will see it.

We explored downtown restaurants  eating Indian, Thai, Canadian, Lebanese and more it can all be found within walking distance of where Blissdom Canada is being hosted this year at the Hilton Hotel.

Talking of Blissdom Canada, it is a great blogging conference that is coming once again to Toronto in October. Tickets for the conference sold out in 90 minutes. 300 Canadian women get to gather, learn, share, and grow together. I want to be there, I want to be one of them. Why?

Last year I managed to get one of the very last tickets sold, but due to starting a new job I was unable to attend the whole conference, and sold my ticket to another blogger who did get to enjoy the event.  With karma I am due.

I did get to the Costume Party. I had a blast meeting and greeting women from across the country, several have become friends and I want to hang with them, I want to learn from them, I want to party with them, and not just for a few hours. So I am entering this post about my great city and my choice of staying in my city this summer in Go Girlfriend’s Follow Your Bliss Contest. Blogging has brought bliss into my life in many ways and taken me on many a journey and adventure..may that journey just continue in this beautiful city of my birth.

For those of you coming to town for Blissdom Canada, if you haven’t been here before ..I promise to be a proper hostess, and thanks for visiting my city.

32 Sites for Watching TV in Canada for Free

August 21, 2011

We all have our favorite TV Shows right? I know I have mine. But let’s get real here who really likes to pay the cost of cable these days especially when there are so many alternatives. Trust me you can cut the cable and not miss your favorite show.Many of our favorite shows are broadcast online. This week I am going to show you how you can watch TV for free here in Canada.

First of all there is no catch and it is 100% legal to watch and access these shows, and it is rather easy to do.You can literally sit at home laptop open and stream tv, or you can even connect to your television set with a few simple tricks.

So why watch TV online?

  • You can watch an entire season of a show in one sitting if you wished.
  • You choose when to watch, you aren’t glued to their timetable.
  • Less commericals..30 seconds vs 2 minutes so you save some time.

What are some issues to watch for:

  • Bandwith, constant streaming can put a tax on your caps if you are with a provider who caps your internet usage. I hope by now you are not.
  • Shows are sometimes hard to find, but with this list that will about to become a non issue.

So where to watch:

First the Big Networks all have an extensive listing of their best shows and even some special events and movies:

  • CBC (Home of Dragon’s Den, Hockey Night in Canada and more)
  • City-Tv (Home of The Bachelor, Cityline, Hell’s Kitchen and more)
  • CTV (Home of Conan, Desperate housewives, The Amazing Race and more)
  • Global (Home of Glee, Survivor, Big Brother and more)

For Kid friendly viewing:

  • Family( Home of Phineas and Ferb, Good Luck Charlie, and Jonas and more)
  • Teletoon(Home of Transformers, Stoked, Adventures of Finn & Jake and more)
  • Treehouse(Home of Angelina Ballerina, Dora the Explorer, and more)
  • YTV (Home of iCarly, House of Anubis, and more)

For the News Watcher:

  • Al Jazeera (Home of Newshour, The Stream and more orginating  from Middle East but streams live global news)
  • Bloomberg News ( Live stream news from Asia, Europe and the USA)
  • BNN (very extensive library of news and shows relating to business)
  • CTV News (Home of Question Period, W5, and more)
  • Global News (local, national,and global news)

For the Music Lover

  • Much Music ( Home of Degrassi, Punk’d, Concerts and more)
  • CMT (ER Vets, Pet Heros, Concerts)
  • MuchMoreMusic (First Spin, The Week That Was and more)
  • MTV (Jersey Shores, The Hills, and more)

For the Cook and Home Improvement Person

  • Food Network (Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Off, Everyday Exotic and more)
  • HGTV (Property Virgins, Holmes on Holmes and more)

Other Speciality channels include

  • A&E (Hoarders, Intervention, Storage Wars and more)
  • APTN (Blackstone, Fit First and more)
  • Bravo (Holywood Treasure, The O’Regan Files and more)
  • Discovery Channel (Cash Cab, How It’s Made, Daily Planet and more)
  • History (Pawn Stars, Top Shot and more)
  • OLN (Mantracker, Ghost Hunters and more)
  • Showcase (Weeds, Lost Girl and more)
  • Slice (Til Debt Do Us Part, Princess, The Mom Show and more)
  • Space (Torchwood, Doctor Who and more)
  • Spike (Auction Hunters, Entourage and more)
  • The Comedy Network (The Colbert Report, Comedy Now, and more)
  • TVtropolis (Wipeout Canada, Carlawood and more)
  • W Network (Love It or List It, Property Brothers and more)

Later this week I will share how to actually watch these on your TV, all it takes is a few tricks. So now what is your favorite show and have you watched it streamed?

Are you a Blog Conference Newbie? 6 Tips To Help You Out

August 18, 2011

I am just getting ready to attend 3 blog conferences. One is by invite only, She’s Connected, Blissdom Canada and then Word Camp. So how should a newbie get ready for a conference?

First of all I remember the nerves I had last year. Last year I got invited to attend She’s Connected and attended the final party for Blissdom Canada. So how does a newbie get ready for an event where there are hundreds of bloggers and brands that you want to connect with? Here are some suggestions.

1. Breathe! It is so easy to get excited and paniced at the same time. So take some time to simply breathe and enjoy the getting ready and the day of as well. Remember most of us have nerves going on, you are not alone. Even big name bloggers have nerves, trust me on this one.

2. Business Cards Bring more then you need. Last year I didn’t bring any. What a mistake that was. You need them. As you meet and greet they are a great calling card. As well in expo areas biz cards are often how u enter giveaways etc.

3. Clothing Some bloggers think you need to dress to impress at all times but really now who can remember who wore what last year unless they look at pictures? My suggestion, be comfy but be looking good at the same time. Suggestions: jeans and nice top, maxi dress, skirt, and top yourself most of all.

4. Devices Bring them and do not forget your power cords, as trust me you will need to recharge these.

5. Shoes Think comfort first. For a party or two you might want a pair of heels but trust me you want shoes you can walk in.

6. A Bag There is always swag (gifts) at these events so bring an extra bag or room in your suitcase. Lat year as I left She’s Connected I was carry 3 bags.

If you are attending any of these evnts this fall, I would love to meet you so if you see me please do say hello.

Menu Monday: More Iftar Meals

August 15, 2011

For Muslims globally we are smack dab in the middle of Ramadan (the holy month of fasting). We have just over 2 weeks of fasting left. We are almost at the time when many Muslims get more serious for the last 10 days of Ramadan when  many pray longer, harder, read more. So to be able to do this you need a wee bit of fuel. Fuel comes from the iftar meal and the suhour mea. The Iftar is eaten just after sunset after you have broken the fast and suhour is eaten just before the morning prayer. So what are we eating here?

Suhour is usually 2 eggs, some toast, some tea, some water and a piece of fruit.

My iftar meal plan for this week includes these meals:

Monday–we are doing breakfast for dinner and making cornbread muffins, eggs, chicken bacon, and fruit( my daughter requested this)

Tuesday-Chicken Balti, rice, brocoli

Wednesday-Easy Baked Pasta

Thursday-Quick Jambalaya ( yes there is sausage in this recipe, we use a halal chicken sausage)

Friday- Lemon Garlic Chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots

Saturday- Will be eating at the masjid.

Sunday- Will be eating at the masjid.

What will you be cooking at your house this week? Have a recipe you care to share? I am off to check out the recipes shared on Org Junkie and the link up there.